Don’t forget to floss (at The Squarehouse)

Floss086On Friday 23rd November, the audience of the 2012 COFA Graduation Show became collaborators with the work ‘Don’t Forget to Floss’.

The participants on the whole were happy to be confounded by the challenging material – fairy floss – and instruction to transform and re-create the space.

It was a mad, affective, multi-sensory and immersive experience. As the fairy floss was made, the aroma of caramelising sugar filled the space. The audience handled the material with paddle-pop sticks and used their initiative to ‘attach’ the floss in whatever way occurred to them – some ignored the hooks that were provided on the wall and licked the floss, then stuck it to the surface, while some wedged the floss and wooden stick together into/onto crevices.

Perhaps the performance and installation lured the audience into a playful, spontaneous and creative act, producing what may have been observed as an almost tangible joyfulness.

[Video of interactive work coming soon…]

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