CO..A – What the F?!

The work is a collaborative piece with Melanie Crawford. It is temporal, involving a large hand-made chocolate crackle block, and is essentially a protest work (“F Block” – where students have endured working in a building site). There is a ‘wall hanging’ of the Copha wrappers suspended near the “F Block”. The wrappers have been attacked, having the PH (balance) removed from the word Copha; the wrappers have been stitched back together – shoddily, aggressively and tentatively, giving the work a tenuous and dodgy feel. The audience become collaborators by participating in hacking away at “F Block”. A hammer and chisel tools are provided, and patty cases, for each participant to claim and obtain their portion. The third part to the work is the eBay auction of Copha blocks; the pure, vegetable shortening; making available Copha to the world, with the possibility of selling-out.
The act of collectively destroying “F Block” perhaps functions as a kind of cathartic act; perhaps an act of community united in destruction. “Through little gestures, art is like… a set of tasks carried out beneath or beside the real economic system, so as to patiently re-stitch the relational fabric” (Bourriaud, 1998, pp. 13 & 36). We might reconfigure the relational fabric of society, and ourselves become ‘reconfigured’ in the process. A community might be activated in collaboration, sharing in the communal act of eating and united in joyful destruction: “…artists found collaboration and other, modified types of authorship necessary to answer pressing questions facing contemporary art” (Green, 2001, p. xi).

[Video of interactive work coming soon…]

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